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The Carolinas Center for Surgery is here to help everyone feel better and live again. Our doctors have proudly served our community for over 40 years. Now, we are expanding our practice and to serve more of our coastal neighbors by opening our new office in Swansboro. Just like in our office in Morehead City, our team of physicians will serve in our new office at 775-2 West Corbett Avenue in Swansboro in the areas of: orthopedics, spine, sports medicine, urology and men’s health, general and breast surgery, weight loss surgery, vascular and thoracic surgery. We will also offer physical therapy and rehabilitation services in Swansboro to keep you moving freely. At the Carolinas Center for Surgery, we provide the highest quality medical, surgical and rehabilitative care in Carteret County and now, Onslow County.

We strive to give the most efficient, cost effective and compassionate care to those we help. Simply put, we are here to help you feel better and live again, without pain.

Contact the Carolinas Center for Surgery today to learn how we can help you. As always, we are your friends and neighbors invested in your well being.
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